The Pokédexes throughout the years


The Pokédexes throughout the years

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Kanto Badges & their obtained locations

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My favourite fighting style is Large Imposing Bear (x)

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Mega Audino confirmed!

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Meteor-Falls’ Kanto Week Giveaway!

I’m doing a little giveaway to celebrate my upcoming Kanto Week. Sorry but this is for US residents only!
What you’ll win:

  • "Helix Fossil" from my Etsy store (a real ammonite fossil!)
  • Pokemon Pinball for Game Boy Color
  • Hey You Pikachu for N64
  • FireRed 16GB flash drive I made (it was a bootleg cartridge shh)
  • Stack of cards of Gen 1 Pokemon
  • Raichu pin
  • a couple stickers
  • McDonald’s Pikachu figure from June 2012
  • a few more random things

All you have to do to enter is reblog this post one time. No giveaway blogs. Likes won’t count, sorry. Also be willing to give me your address. I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday August 13. You’ll have to reply to me before Thursday or I will move onto the next person. Okay have fun!

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First appearances of the second generation in the Pokémon TCG
Gen I - More Pokémon - Request

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Got first badge and Lotad evolved! (:
Shroomish and Treeko are both really close to evolving also!